1. 1991
    Our Chairman tried to fit another of his businesses with panelling - the high prices, poor quality and lack of choice convinced him that there was a huge gap in the market - Shore Laminates was born.
  2. 1992
    We started up at a small 9000 square foot site on Shore Road in Perth, recruiting key individuals for expert posts, making the business detail led and very hands on. A sentiment which, despite the increase in size, has never been lost.
  3. 1995
    Engineered systems were developed that made specifiers, and our competition, begin to sit up and take real notice.
    Controls and operating procedures, which were key to ensuring the high standard of quality we required from the factory, were created and developed.
  4. 1996
    We moved to a 20,000 square foot building just down the road from the first site.
  5. 2001
    National sales continued to rise as we expanded our presence south of the border.
    This expansion allowed us to understand the UK market and provided the foundation for national services we now offer, and have done for the last fifteen years.
  6. 2005
    Increased our capabilities to custom design and install worktops.
  7. 2010
    We further developed our ability to post form work surfaces.
  8. 2014
    Our modern Acrylic panel system was launched in both the UK and in Europe.
  9. 2015
    We developed and launched our innovative top of the range glass panel systems.
  10. 2016
    We invested further in our acrylic production plant creating the best operation in Europe.
  11. 2017
    Our new copper surfaces are released. Naturally antimicrobial copper not only looks stunning but also kills 99.99% of all bacteria.